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Are you interesting in improving your HAZMAT knowledge?

This software is very interesting to train or improve your knowledge in hazardous materials emergencies, furthermore we will contribute to increase industrial safety. The main target of this software is to improve your knowledge in road hazardous material accidents, and  moreover you will be able to prove your skills in all kind of accidents. I recommend it […]

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Hung but safe!

  There are many people who realized vertical works and every day they have to concentrate in their security. One mistake could be horrible, they could be damaged or even die. For that reason, those profesionals must look after their work tools because their lives depend on it. This kind of Petlz’ s tool  could […]

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woow sos rescue

Have you ever been in an emergency situation? Nowadays, we have a great variety of tools to manage this easier. In this article I’m going to talk about an android app for this task, this software could be very useful in emergencies situations because it gives us the possibility to known how to manage it […]

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Atlas, iron firefighter.

Sometimes firefighters have to risk their lives in many situations that there is no survive possibilty. For this reason, Pentagon has started a competition to develop a robot which will be able to work in extremely hazardous situations. He is a hydraulically powered robot and they call him Atlas. The Pentagon-financed humanoid robot was unveiled […]

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