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10 points to consider in fires of steel-framed buildings (1/11)

The Cardington Fire Tests were a series of large-scale fire tests conducted in real steel-framed structures at the village of Cardington, Bedfordshire, England.

Funded by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions Partners in Technology, the BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering (previously the Structures in Fire Group) at the University of Edinburgh conducted the experimental series in 2000. After the test, the group conducted extensive computational and analytical studies of the behaviour of steel-framed composite structures in fire conditions. This work was undertaken in collaboration with the Corus Group and Imperial College London.

In the following video you can see a sequence of the test in 2003.



the next slides show a resume of this work and which are the hot points of this research.


This research is very important for firefighters as they can know approximately how long they will be able to stay into the structure before it collapses. But… Which are the most important points you should consider to make ready this attack? Leave your comment.


Links: Cardington test reports The Cardington and Broadgate Fires.

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